Dr Ben Matthews


University of Stirling


Ben Matthews is Lecturer in Social Statistics and Demography at the University of Stirling. He was previously a Research Fellow in Criminology at the University of Edinburgh on the Understanding Inequalities project, and a Research Associate in Data Analysis and Statistics at the Scottish Centre for Administrative Data Research. He completed his PhD in Law at the University of Edinburgh in 2017.

Ben has researched issues in crime and inequality using administrative and survey data, using a combination of statistical modelling and data visualization. He is currently Co-Investigator on the Policing the Pandemic research project (https://www.law.ed.ac.uk/research/research-projects/policing-the-pandemic).

Matthews B and Minton J. Rethinking one of criminology’s ‘brute facts’: The age–crime curve and the crime drop in Scotland. European Journal of Criminology. 2018;15(3):296-320. doi:10.1177/1477370817731706

Matthews B, Collier B, McVie S and Dibben C. Understanding digital drug markets through the geography of postal drug deliveries in Scotland. European Journal



University of Stirling

University of Stirling

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