Dr Ben Collier

PhD student

University of Edinburgh


Working Title of PhD: Integrated Circuits: A Critical Development of Space and Agency in Criminological Theory of Cybercrime from Actor-Network Theory and Cyborg Theory Perspectives

Year commenced PhD study: 2016 (part-time)
Institution: University of Edinburgh
PhD Supervisors: Dr Richard Jones and Dr James Stewart

Synopsis: This research project looks to bring Science and Technology Studies perspectives to the criminological study of cybercrime, critically exploring the development of some of the technologies which provide a context for crime and deviance in contemporary high-technology societies. Emerging surveillance practices and resistance to them are particular subjects of interest for this research, which looks to investigate, through online ethnography and interview, how organisations navigate the process of designing and maintaining technologies which may provide opportunities for criminal, state or corporate abuse.

Keywords: Cybercrime, technology, surveillance



University of Edinburgh

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