Picture of Annie Rose Crowley

Annie Crowley


University of Glasgow


Working Title of PhD: Protection for whom? Responding to ‘at risk’ young women

Year commenced PhD study: 2013 (Full Time) College for Social Science, University of Glasgow

PhD Supervisors: Prof. Michele Burman, Dr. Susan Batchelor, Olive Arens (Up-2-Us)


The research will involve an in-depth, comprehensive analysis of criminal justice responses to girls and young women deemed ‘at risk’ of secure care and custody in Scotland. The research seeks to contribute to knowledge and understanding about girls and young women’s offending, and to the development of good practice in working with young women who offend. Key questions are: What are the material, discursive and institutional contexts that shape responses to girls and young women at risk of secure care or custody in Scotland? What are the pathways into and out of secure accommodation or prison for girls and young women in Scotland? How responsive and effective are existing systems in responding to girls and young women who offend? What are the core principles and features of current specialist provision for girls and young women and how effective is it in terms of reducing reoffending and other risky behaviours? What are the implications for policy and practice in such areas as the Children’s Hearing System, the criminal justice system, the penal system, and related supportive systems? A mixed methods approach will be taken, including qualitative interviews with girls and young women deemed ‘at risk’ of offending, and with practitioners; documentary analysis of print media, practice and policy papers relating to girls and young women who offend; and documentary and quantitative analysis of case files and databases.

You can read more about Annie’s research in the University of Glasgow’s Horizon magazine.

Keywords: girls/young women, criminal justice, offending



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University of Glasgow

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