Welcome to the Scottish Centre for Crime and Justice Research

The Centre is a collaboration between the Universities of Glasgow, Edinburgh, Stirling and Strathclyde. The SCCJR aims to produce research that informs policy and practice and advances our understanding of justice.


@socworkscot @ScotsSW @SSSCnews @TheSCCJR @ComJusScot We’re getting word out about our latest evidence summary on the topic of hate crime by @RaniaHamad11 Any support in sharing would be much appreciated #HateCrime

Latest in a series of research papers from @SPICe_Research on prison populations just published:

Super-proud supervisor alert!
@FraSoliman's critique of crimmigration and her zemiological response are fresh out of the oven in Theoretical #Criminology
This is absolutely #OneToWatch

Going antiquiting this Saturday? Here's some fascinating research into why people "buy, keep and display rare and precious ‘collectibles' ... even when it breaks the law" @TheSCCJR @DrDonnaYates #SaturdayThoughts

Delighted to have been able to support @Emma_E_Forbes and the launch of @GlassWalls3 Shine a Light on Violence Against Women and Girls.

The exhibition of panels will be in the Glasgow City Chambers reception until 20 Dec. #16DaysofAction

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