SCCJR Capacity Building Scheme

Applications for capacity building funds are invited from core or associate members of SCCJR based at one of the four partner universities (Edinburgh, Glasgow, Stirling and Glasgow Caledonian) .


Applications for capacity building funds should address one or more of the overall aims of SCCJR, but the over-riding criteria for funding are the ability of both the applicant(s) and SCCJR to benefit from the research or knowledge exchange activities supported through capacity building resources. Applications will need to show:

  • Demonstrable relevance to SCCJR aims and activities;
  • How use of the resources will lead to one or more of the following: development of capacity; enhanced capability within SCCJR; knowledge exchange; overall sustainability of SCCJR; enhanced global or local visibility of SCCJR.
  • Overall benefit to SCCJR as well as to applicant(s) making application

Applications will need to be sponsored by one or more networks and carry the endorsement of the relevant network leader(s). Collaborative ventures, such as those involving applicants from more than one network, more than one HEI, or partnerships between academic, policy and practice communities, are particularly encouraged as a way of developing critical mass, although single institutional bids are also eligible.

Applicants are encouraged to try, where possible, to secure matched funding from other sources.

The maximum amount available for each bid is £2,000. The sum requested should reflect the nature, scale and duration of the proposed activities. Associated costs may include economy travel costs, and consumables.

Application process

  • All applications will require to be endorsed by one of the co-Directors or Thematic Leaders;
  • Each application will be sent to two assessors for review and comment
  • Assessors will provide assessment and comments on each application according to the above criteria
  • All unsuccessful applications will receive feed-back
  • For purposes of transparency and overall accountability, all successful applicants must provide a brief reflective report to SCCJR (normally within 6 mths of receipt of funds) on the use of the resources obtained, showing key achievements.

Apply for a Grant

An End of Award Report must be submitted within 6 months of receipt of the funds, or the end of the project/activity, whichever is soonest.

Capacity Building Grant Scheme Guidance notes are available by clicking here