Evaluation of the Rape Crisis Scotland National Advocacy Project


Rape Crisis Scotland’s National Advocacy Project (NAP) was introduced in February 2016 to provide advocacy support for survivors of sexual crimes engaging, or considering engaging, with the criminal justice system. Funded by the Scottish Government, the NAP provides dedicated advocacy support from RCS trained Advocacy Workers (AWs) to victim-survivors of rape and serious sexual crime in 15 local areas. The aims of the NAP are to: achieve an improvement in the support available to survivors of rape and serious sexual assault; an improvement in the experience of the criminal justice process; and  the development of a better understanding of survivors’ motivations to proceed or not with the criminal justice process.

The purpose of the evaluation was to: assess the impact of the NAP and the extent to which its objectives have been met; identify lessons learnt from the work and best practice for wider dissemination; and assess the extent to which the NAP has influenced policy and practice within key justice agencies. The evaluation was conducted over a 20-month period (Feb 2016 – Sept 2017) and employed a mixed-methods design drawing upon:

  • quantitative data from RCS’s client database;
  • semi-structured interviews with key national stakeholders (n=4);
  • in-depth interviews with victim-survivors (n=16);
  • case studies of four local NAP projects;
  • an online survey of Advocacy Workers, RCC Managers, Police and VIA in all 15 local sites; and
  • observation of quarterly NAP Advocacy Worker meetings and training events.

Evaluation findings will be published Spring 2018.

For further information, please contact: Oona.Brooks@glasgow.ac.uk