Crime and Justice Research Training and Development


The Capacity Building Network based at the University of Stirling is devoted primarily to capacity building in the area of criminal justice research, with a remit for developing and consolidating applied expertise, liaison with stakeholders, and overseeing outreach activities. Encouraging a multi-disciplinary approach to criminal justice research in Scotland is a major objective of this Network.

One of the first projects to be carried out within the Capacity Building Network involves a scoping study of criminal justice research training and development needs. This will provide a national overview of resources and areas for development in increasing the capacity of criminal justice research in Scotland. This includes the co-ordination of information about postgraduate training and the form and accessibility of professional training and development in criminal justice research. This scoping study will consider the potential for developing training resources for postgraduate students and will identify any existing unmet demand for conventional academic and professional training.

The first stage of the study involves the collation of documentary and website information on post-graduate training and criminology/criminal justice research resources. This information will be incorporated into a database which will be made available on the SCCJR website. This initial stage of the study will be followed by direct contact with course providers/centre members/other relevant contacts to discuss current provision, identified needs, and general capacity building. The findings from both stages of the study will be collated into a written report which will be available in spring 2007. Scotland’s distinctive criminal justice system and culture requires specific educational provision, this study will consider the extent to which existing provision meets needs and demands and, in collaboration with relevant bodies, will examine the potential for further developments.