Capacity Building Projects about Research Methods and Criminological Theory

Concepts of Community: Exploring ‘Community’ in Theory, Policy and Practice Imaginaries

Who: Beth Weaver and Gillian MacIntyre, University of Strathclyde; Margaret Malloch, University of Stirling Description of Activity: The conceptualisation and definition of community has been at the centre of ongoing discussion (Cohen, 1989; Day, 2006). The persistent question ‘what is community?’, or ‘how might a community differ from the community?’ have prompted many different answers.

Punishing Spaces, Working Spaces: Artist in Residence at SCCJR

Depictions of crime, and crime science, in popular culture represent the criminologist’s world through a narrow and increasingly hackneyed set of spaces – the crime lab and courtroom offering two examples. In this artistic-academic collaboration, photographer Jenny Wicks will be in residence at the Glasgow University site of SCCJR for ten months (February – November 2012). As an artist her...


AQMeN is an ESRC funded network of around 1400 people with a shared interest in quantitative methods and who wish to refresh their existing knowledge or learn a range of new skills. The main aim of AQMeN is to build capacity in quantitative expertise amongst the social science community of Scotland. The Network is led by a group of academics from eight of the Scottish Universities and its...

Working Lunches at Ivy Lodge

Working Lunches are held from 12.30pm to 2pm on Wednesdays in the ASRF Meeting Room, 66 Oakfield Avenue, Glasgow.  They provide an informal space in which to discuss research ideas, whether this comes from work in progress, work we are thinking about doing or a common reading. We welcome visitors and have a small budget to offset costs of travel for anyone seeking a forum in which to discuss...