18 Oct 2017

Lesley McAra and Susan McVie to deliver Drummond Hunter Memorial Lecture

Susan and Lesley letterbox crop

This year’s Drummond Hunter Memorial Lecture will be delivered by the SCCJR’s Professors Lesley McAra and Susan McVie.

The University of Edinburgh academics will present on Youth Justice Coming of Age? Deviance, Diversion and Desistance on Tuesday November 28 from 6pm at Appleton Tower, Crichton Street, Edinburgh.

The recent reductions in convictions and imprisonment rates for young people in Scotland are viewed by politicians and some policy makers as evidence that youth justice policy is working. In this lecture, Professors McAra and McVie will interrogate the meaning of these statistics in a context where diversionary imperatives have come to the fore and where the Scottish Government is planning to raise the minimum age of criminal responsibility from eight to 12.

Does the apparent ‘youth crime drop’ signify the efficacy of diversion, or does it instead reflect transformations in contexts and nature of youthful transgressions? And what are its implications for delivering justice for those young people who do come into conflict with the law?

Drawing on over 18 years of fieldwork from the Edinburgh Study of Youth Transitions and Crime, they will present a vision for youth justice which answers such questions.
This event, which is co-sponsored by the University of Edinburgh’s Centre for Law and Society, is free and open to all. Please register a place here.