07 Jun 2017

Best Article accolade for SCCJR PhD student

Sarah Anderson

Sarah Anderson

SCCJR PhD student Sarah Anderson has been awarded the prize for best article of 2016 by the Probation Journal.

Sarah, whose PhD research exploring the relationship between recovery from complex trauma and desistance from offending, was published in the journal’s December edition last year.

Her article, The value of ‘bearing witness’ to desistance, contributes to the debate on making probation practice ‘desistance-focused’, and highlights the potentially critical role of the probation practitioner in the co-construction of the desistance narrative.

She wrote: “In a context where the voices of people who have offended are silenced and their experiences of victimisation or structural violence are written out, I suggest that ‘being present and being with another’ (Naef, 2006: 146) enacts a moral responsibility to support a transition from object to subject and to recognise and endorse the humanity of those who have committed crimes.”

Click here to read the article and here to listen to a Probation Journal podcast in which Sarah discusses her article and her research in the areas of trauma and desistance.