Cybercrime Roundtable

The Edinburgh Law School in partnership with The Scottish Centre for Crime and Justice Research (SCCJR) are holding an informal roundtable discussion to showcase cutting edge research in the field of cybercrime and its control and to bring together scholars at all stages of their career across Scotland. The event will end with a plenary paper by Diarmaid Harkin (Deakin University, Australia) who will be talking about his work with specialist police cybercrime units.

Provisional programme: (13.00 – 18:00) 

13.00: A sandwich lunch and coffee will be available

13.30: Part one: Roundtable discussion with short papers:

Chair: Richard Jones
Shane Horgan: “Cybercrime and Everyday life: exploring public sensibility towards the digital dimensions of crime and security”
Ben Collier: “Critical Infrastructure: criminology, encryption technologies and social control in the online built environment”
Angus Bancroft: “Business models of cyber-criminal organisations’
Liam Ralph: ‘Cyber communication in frontline policing: Emerging findings from an in-depth study on police communication with citizens via social media in Scotland’
Julie Berg: ‘The polycentric governance of cyberspace’

16.15 Break

16.30 Part two: keynote paper: Diarmaid Harkin “Exploring the implications of ‘low visibility’ specialist cyber-crime units”

Dr Diarmaid Harkin will report on findings from researching three specialist cyber-crime units in Australia. Specialist units to tackle cybercrime are becoming a norm in contemporary police organisations, but there is a lack of knowledge, information, and research on the work of these units. Using survey data and interviews, the unique challenges of performing cyber-policing and holding cyber-policing to account will be discussed

1800 Close

This event is free but registration is required. Please visit Eventbrite to register your interest.