Prof Susan McVie

Susan McVie crop
Professor of Quantitative Criminology, University of Edinburgh
Research Staff
Room 2.13
31 Buccleuch Place
University of Edinburgh

Susan is a Professor of Quantitative Criminology within the School of Law at the University of Edinburgh and leader of the Edinburgh based SCCJR team who specialise in conducting and facilitating high quality quantitative criminological research in Scotland, and developing statistical analysis and data modelling. In addition to SCCJR, Susan is co-director of the Edinburgh Study of Youth Transitions and Crime, a prospective longitudinal study of youth offending based at the University of Edinburgh since 1998. She has responsibility for strategic management of the research programme and plays a key role in advancing statistical analysis of the data and producing publications. Susan is also Director of the Applied Quantitative Methods Network (AQMeN), which is a collaborative initiative across eight Scottish Universities, which aims to build capacity in quantitative methods amongst the Scottish social science community.

Susan’s research interests focus mainly on the study of offending patterns and criminal careers.  She has conducted studies into youth crime, deviance and substance use; patterns of and trends in crime through the life-course; systems of justice, including transitions from juvenile to adult criminal justice systems; neighbourhood effects on offending; and the application of quantitative methods in the field of criminology. Her current work involves modelling trajectories of offending and other forms of behaviour across adolescence and early adulthood; using multi-level modelling to establish the impact of neighbourhood-level effects and dynamics over and above individual-level effects on individual delinquency; and investigating the impact of both juvenile and adult criminal justice systems on the behaviour of and outcomes for those labelled as offenders.