Prof Mike Nellis

Prof Mike Nellis
Professor of Criminal and Community Justice, Univeristy of Strathclyde
Glasgow School of Social Work
Jordanhill Campus
76 Southbrae Drive

Mike Nellis is Professor of Criminal and Community Justice in the Glasgow School of Social Work, University of Strathclyde. He has a PhD from the Institute of Criminology, Cambridge. He is a former social worker with young offenders and between 1990 – 2003 was closely involved in the training of probation officers at the University of Birmingham. He has written extensively on the changing nature of the probation service, the promotion of community penalties, the significance of electronic monitoring (his major current interest) and the cultural politics of penal reform. His most recent book (edited with Eric Chui) was Moving Probation Forward (Longmans 2003) and he is currently editing a book, with Belgian colleagues, on electronic monitoring around the world.