Michelle Waldron

Ph.D. student/Researcher
27 Watts Close, Musselburgh UK EH21 6AW.

Michelle Waldron is currently researching the experience of young offenders in the Scottish criminal justice system and their experience with education during incarceration. Michelle holds a bachelor’s degree in Criminology. And is currently a research student in the Faculty of Social Sciences at University of Stirling as well as a teaching assistant supporting teaching within the criminology department.

Short Biography

Michelle is currently living in Scotland as an international Ph.D. student. She has a lifelong interest in crime and criminal justice as she was confronted with the perils of the juvenile justice system in America when her sibling was sent to prison as a teenager. Michelle has a keen interest in learning more about opportunities to support people in prison and understanding how post-incarceration if an individual can re-join society successfully. The theoretical framework of her research utilises transformative learning theory to determine if education during incarceration can result in a change to the way an individual thinks or acts and if education can be transformative. The research was undertaken at HMYOI Polmont, from November 2015-March 2016.