Julie Berg

Julie Berg
Lecturer in Criminology
Research Staff
Phone number:
0141 330 1772
University of Glasgow
Ivy Lodge
63 Gibson Street
G12 8LR
Julie joined the University of Glasgow in January 2018 as Lecturer in Criminology from the University of Cape Town.

In her former role she made a series of contributions to policy including co-developing a paper and presenting it to the South African National Planning Commission (NPC) on Achieving Sustained Citizen Safety in South Africa. The submission of the paper informed the National Planning Commission’s key vision document The National Development Plan 2030.

security governance (in Africa), collaborative policing, policing networks,  legitimacy, accountability, democratic security governance for the public good.

Recent Publications:

Berg, J. and S. Howell (2015) Civilian Oversight of Police in Africa: Trends and Challenges. In Prenzler, T. and G. den Heyer (eds) Civilian Oversight of the Police: Advancing Accountability in Law Enforcement. CRC Press: London, pp. 121-138.

Berg, J. and S. Howell (2015) Running the Gauntlet: Police Strategies and Responses to Strike Action. In Hepple, B., Le Roux, R. and S. Sciarra (eds) Laws Against Strikes: The South African Experience in an International and Comparative Perspective. FrancoAngelli: Rome, pp. 185-204.

Nakueira, S. and J. Berg (2015) Innovations in the Governance of Security: Lessons from the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.  In Albrecht, J., Dow, M., Plecas, D. and D. Das (eds) Policing Major Events: Perspectives from Around the World. CRC Press, pp. 60-73.

Berg, J. with C. Shearing (2015) New Authorities: Relating State and Non-state Security Auspices in South African Improvement Districts.  In Albrecht, P. and H. Kyed (eds) Policing and the Politics of Order-making. Oxon and New York: Routledge, pp. 91-107.

Berg, J., Nakueira, S. and C. Shearing (2014) Global Non-state Auspices of Security Governance.  In Arrigo, B. and H. Bersot (eds) The Routledge Handbook of International Crime and Justice Studies.  Oxon: Routledge, pp. 77-97.

Diphoorn, T. and J. Berg (2014) ‘Typologies of Partnership Policing: Case Studies from Urban South Africa’, Policing & Society, 24(4):425-442.

Berg, J. (2013) Governing Security in Public Spaces: Improvement Districts in South Africa.  In Lippert, R. and K. Walby (eds) Policing Cities: Urban Securitization and Regulation in a 21st Century World.  Oxon: Routledge, pp. 161-175.

Berg, J., Akinyele, R., Fourchard, L., van der Waal, K. and M. Williams (2013) Contested Social Orders: Negotiating Urban Security in Nigeria and South Africa. In Bekker, S. and L. Fourchard (eds) Governing Cities in Africa – Politics and Policies. Cape Town: HSRC press, pp. 169-188.

Berg, J. (2013) ‘Civilian Oversight of Police in South Africa: From the ICD to the IPID’, Police Practice and Research, 14(2):144-154.