Ionut Cioarta

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PhD Student
SCCJR, Ivy Lodge, 63 Gibson Street
University of Glasgow

Year commenced PhD study: 1st year Institution/Organisation: Strathclyde University

Funding Source (if any): Roma Education Fund Full or part-time: full time

PhD Supervisors: Beth Weaver, Gillian MacIntyre


The phenomenon of activism in social work has become an important part of social work practice. However, it has various manifestations depending on the social and political context of a
particular country or geopolitical region. My research aims to identify how social work
activism is manifested in two target countries, the UK and Romania, and how it influences the
activity of social workers. Additionally, the research will expand the concept of activism in the field of social work and it will explore the role of social media and its potential to shape the manifestation of social work. The research methodology will be divided into 4 phases which will include a review of international literature in the area, surveys and interviews with social workers from the UK and Romania, and an analysis of social work activism provided through social media and print media. The findings will be transformed in an informative guide regarding the activism in social work. This guide will empower social workers, activists, policy makers to reform and to promote policies that will produce positive changes in society.

Keywords: Activism, Radical Social Work, Advocacy