Elizabeth Barkas

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PhD student
Phone number:
0141 330 6344
Ivy Lodge
63 Gibson Street
G12 8LR

Working Title of PhD: The role of the media in understanding and contesting deaths in custody
Year commenced PhD study: 2017 (full-time)
Institution/Organisation: University of Glasgow
Funding Source: ESRC
PhD Supervisors: Dr Sarah Armstrong, Professor Gregory Philo

This research focuses on media coverage and production of stories surrounding deaths in custody, inquiring into the role played by the media in processes of justice, accountability and truth-finding. Analysis of news reports is combined with archival research of inquest transcripts and policy documentation, and includes an assessment of the degree to which press reports adopt, challenge or re-shape official narratives. A particular concern is to explore news production processes, taking into account the context of the political economy of the news media and state institutions’ impression management practices. Therefore, while recognising the media as an important site of ideological struggle, this research also aims to explore the wider interaction between the media, criminal justice institutions, and other institutions and groups such as family justice campaigns. The aim is to show the ways in which media institutions and practices impact on broader efforts to obtain transparency and accountability from state institutions.

Keywords: media, deaths in custody, inquests