Dr Nughmana Mirza

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Lecturer in Criminology
Research Staff
University of Glasgow
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Nughmana joined the University of Glasgow in July 2017 as a Lecturer in Criminology. Her doctoral research focused on South Asian women’s experiences of family abuse in Scotland. The originality and significance of this work lies in its exploration of kinship patterns and norms, the importance of gender and gender roles, and women’s agentive behaviour within a family abuse context.

Nughmana also has an interest in the policing response to domestic abuse in South Asian communities in the UK, particularly in the context of major policy and legislative changes in relation to domestic abuse. In particular, she is interested in the how the imminent introduction in Scotland of the new offence of ‘coercive control’ within partner relationships influences policing practices and the extent to which the police response reflects women’s needs and safety concerns.

She holds a PhD in Social Policy, an MSc in Applied Social Research, and an MSc in Islamic and Middle Eastern History from the University of Edinburgh. Since the completion of her PhD in 2015, she has worked as a Research Associate on three key projects. In her role as Research Fellow at the University of Stirling, she lead the qualitative component of a Nuffield Funded mixed-methods comparative analysis of inequalities in child welfare provisions across the UK. She has also been a Research Associate on ‘Understanding Forced Marriage’ (UCLAN, funded by the Scottish Government) the findings of which have been published as a substantive project report (2017). The ‘Evaluation of Quarries’ project was funded by the Big Lottery Fund, and evaluated the experiences and views of the service users.

Keywords: family abuse, South Asian women, Affinal kin, natal kin, violence against women, immigration, no recourse to public funds

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