Ben Collier

PhD student

Working Title of PhD: Cyborg infrastructures and resistance – a sociological study of Tor

Year commenced PhD study: 2016 (part-time)
Institution: University of Edinburgh
PhD Supervisors: Dr Richard Jones and Dr James Stewart

Synopsis: This research project seeks to use frameworks from Science and Technology Studies to develop and expand criminological understanding of the internet and high-technology societies. Focusing on the Tor Project, a group of people building an alternative internet infrastructure which resists state surveillance and censorship online, this research uses interviews and documentary analysis  to explore how technologies which resist forms of state social control are shaped by the values and practices of the people making them. It also looks at the complex ways in which different groups understand and influence the meanings that these technologies of resistance take on in wider society, the different types of work involved in making them, and the diverse motivations, perspectives and politics of the communities around them.

Keywords: Cybercrime, technology, surveillance