Alejandro Rubio Arnal

PhD Student
Ivy Lodge,
63 Gibson Street
University of Glasgow
G12 8LR

Working Title of PhD: Improving Post-Prison Re/Integration in Scotland Through Collaboration: a Glasgow case

Year commenced PhD study: 2016
Institution/Organisation: University of Glasgow
Funding Source: 1+3 ESRC studentship   
Full or part-time: Full-time
PhD Supervisors: Fergus McNeill, Catherine Happer and Jo Ferrie


For the PhD project I am planning to create, be a member of and facilitate a co-research group of people who have different knowledge/expertise about post-prison re/integration (people with convictions, social workers, throughcare support officers, people from third sector organisation, criminologists…). The group will meet every 6 weeks or so over 12 months in order to explore each other´s knowledge about post-prison re/integration and then co-produce knowledge about this topic. In order to do so, I will propose to collaboratively answer three questions: What is post-prison re/integration? How is post-prison re/integration supported and experienced in Glasgow? How can post-prison re/integration in Glasgow be improved? The project has two stages: in the dialogic stage, we will explore and understand each member’s expertise about these matters; and, in the deliberative one, departing from that co-exploration of our knowledge and maintaining most of the dialogic dynamics, we will decide how to answer the three core questions. The second aim of this project will be to study if, to what extent, why and how the process of collaborating to answer these three questions helps to develop our a) individual, b) collective, and c) academic knowledge/understandings about/of re/integration.

Keywords: re/integration, dialogue, knowledge co-exploration and co-creation

Relevant publications

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